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Listener letters are the best. And this time we ended up with not one but TWO Mennonite stories.

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Love, kids, Christian music, politics...murrrder. This story, sent to us by listener, Ady, showcases the strangest, most twisty of tales. Let us travel together--in our hearts--to Brazil, where this all takes place. 

Bonnie fills Karen in on the insanity that is now a murder investigation. 

Okay, so America doesn't have the patent on religious shitpiles.

Americans, don't forget to REGISTER TO VOTE. No vote is too small.


Falwell Family Values

Him again. We covered Jerry Falwell Jr. in episode 21. Feel free to go back and listen to all the details that now stitch all this together so well. 

We revisit Falwell because...well, he demands it. Becki is now in the picture now. 

These people are shitpile-award winners.

If you went to Liberty and want to share anything entertaining, please don't hesitate to visit our website and send us your story.


Ohhh, Karen's pissed at this one. Sean Feucht, a music guy from Bethel who takes his Airstream and patchouli across America with his "arrogant theology" is a true menace. Only HE can really impact people for God, you know. And he has an Instagram to prove it.

Listen, as well as get in contact with your city officials if he is coming to spread COVID-19 germs to young, idealistic people who gather at his concerts in your city. 

Not many "ministers" make the list of being physically harmful to people. This guy makes the list. 

You voted and we put Kenneth Copeland and The Farting Preacher Robert Tilton in the ring to battle it out this year in the Kook-Off. 

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And don't forget to send in your true, funny church stories.

You all never disappoint. Thanks for sending us (Karen and Bonnie) your embarrassing stories about growing up in church and church schools. 

We have an all-female episode this week--Amy, Sara, and Jess.

Demon Sperm

Karen fills Bonnie in on Dr. Stella Immanuel. The bottom line, don't take hydroxychloroquine. 

Dr. Immanuel hit all the news outlets, then the comedy talk shows after she went viral (get it?) discussing her unfounded, undocumented, and unbackable claims on how to not just treat but CURE Covid-19.

A look at her private life shows us she regards herself as "God's battle-ax." That's all we needed to see.



Can Bonnie and Karen top their porn episode? Well, it's going to take John Holmes to find out. Nope, whoops. That's Pete Holmes, your favorite ex-evangelical comedian. 

Bonnie goes over some of his book--Comedy, Sex, God--that will sound familiar to most of you. 


Porn Again

Repressed Christians and de-converts: You're going to love this episode that "Finishes Strong." 

Karen and Bonnie discuss porn addiction in church and different, odd methods they are using to rid themselves of the demon of misspelling masturbate. 

Stay tuned for the end and message from Josh Harris. 

Thy Name is Lettersode

We're back, reading your letters. Sode-ing it up. In this episode, we learn about them Catholics, what a disaster Karen was in school, and that Pastor Gary is a dick.

We're now adding transcripts to our website. They suck, but we'll improve on them.

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