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Toronto #Blessing

Karen tells Bonnie about the great, laughing movement that happened near a Toronto airport. Writhing. Rolling. We can thank the certifiable, dangerous Rodney Howard-Browne for starting what can only be labeled as a Christian niche market that makes sane people want nothing to do with the church.

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Jesus 2.0

Want Bonnie and Karen to give you an unexceptional, verrry incomplete run-down of the Jehovah's Witness religion, but with lots of celebrities? We heard your secret whispers and will grant it.

If not, "Beat It." Oh, we are killllling it.

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Yay, a Lettersode!

Sorry for the delay. We were being tested, but we came out triumphant. Now, time to hear about condoms and ouija boards. 

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THESE Shitpiles!

How do we keep up with the hellishness of the last week? We push our other recorded episodes down the pike and record fresh because there's JUST. SO. MUCH.

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Black Lives Matter

We're not posting our usual this week. Please listen to our 5-minute message.

Church may have stopped, but crazy church news never does. Find out some of the weirdest church crap out there, along with a cute one. 

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Bonnie got upset over the degrading witnessing she received while getting her Covid test. Workplace witnessing is this week's topic. Does it happen where you work? Have you done it? 

One of our listeners gets the harddd sell from her boss. Plus, we find a very practical list of ways people can witness at work and on a school balcony.

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This week we hit up the land of sheep, New Zealand, where there's a tucked away cult. Karen watched the 3-part series about Gloriavale on Netflix and was enthralled. Of course, Bonnie lets her know it was a tadddd biased.

Come along with us as we marry strangers and reproduce in the same room we share with our 8 children. It's Gloriavale!

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Jews for Jesus. Bonnie and Karen spat over their right to exist.

As someone of 1% Jewish DNA, Karen explains the Jewish faith, especially Hasidic Jews for which she watched many YouTube videos. They both loved the Netflix series Unorthodox, and now know A. Lot.

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